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89/365 – Netunalvatai

Netunalvatai, is a Tamil poetic work in the Pathinenmaelkanakku anthology of Tamil literature, belonging to the Sangam period corresponding to between 100 BCE – 100 CE. “Netunalvatai” is part of the Pattupattu collection, which is the oldest available collection of long poems in Tamil literature.

Netunalvatai contains 188 lines of poetry in the akaval meter. The poet Nakkirar wrote Netunalvatai. Netunalvatai poems belong to the Akam, or subjective themes of love and human relationships and utilises the location of the story to spins a vivid picture of the ancient Tamil country. Netunalvatai contains descriptions of the palace of the Pandya king Nedeunchezhiyan.



Nature of Netunalvatai
The story of Netunalvatai is about the heroine who prays to the goddess for the return of her lover from the battlefield. Seeing the suffering of the heroine, her maids in the palace also pray to the goddess for the hero to quickly win the battle and return home to their mistress.


Meaning of Netunalvadai
Netunalvatai in keeping with its name, has the theme of the vatai, or cold breeze. The two adjectives netu and nal to the vatai breeze mean bad and good. The same breeze is at the same time is bad to the heroine who languishes in the palace and increases her suffering, at the same time, the breeze causes the hero to do good by conversing and consoling his suffering troops.

To Read: http://www.chennailibrary.com/pathuppattu/nedunalvaadai.html

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ne%E1%B9%ADunalv%C4%81%E1%B9%ADai


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