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99/365 – Veetrirundha Perumal Temple

Location: Thirumazhisai
Main Deity: Veetrirundha Perumal
Other Deities: Shenbagavalli



Thirumazhisai is a town in Thiruvallur district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Thirumazhisai is on the way to Thiruvallur district.

This temple of Maha Vishnu in a rare sitting posture tucked in a tiny hamlet in Tamil Nadu has attracted many devotees and fulfilled their wishes.

There are many important places of pilgrimage, or temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu or his incarnations, which attract a number of devotees all the year around. Sri Veethirundha Perumal Temple at Tirumazhisai is one such ancient attraction.


Others Temples in Thirumazhisai:

Thirumazhisai is a punniya sthalam and has a lot of temples. To list a few of the temples

1. Thirumazhisai Aazhwar temple: Also known as Jagannatha Perumal temple. One of the twelve Alvars of Vaishnavism was born in Thirumazhisai hence was called as Tirumazhisai-aazhvaar.

2. Othandeeswar temple: A shiva temple kai thanda pran [devotee who gave his hand]. It is told that this temple was built at this site as Lord Shiva showed himself here to the devotee (King Kulothunga Chola) who cut off his hand when he accidentally used his sword to cut the climbers on the Lingam to pave way


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