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103/365 – Kadal Pura

Author: Sandilyan
Original title: Kadal Pura
Country: India
Language: Tamil
Genre: Historical novel
Publisher: Vanathi Pathippagam

Kadal Pura, meaning Sea Pigeon, is a Tamil language historical novel written by Sandilyan. The story is based on the ancient Tamil Kingdom.

It was named after the fictional ship built by the Chola Commander Illayapallavan (a) Karunagara Pallavan, who later became King Thondaiman.

The novel is about the Chola kingdom’s invasion of Vijaya (modern-day Malaysia and Singapore) and Kalinga (currently the state of Orissa). It’s a work of fiction with a few historical characters thrown in anachronistically.

Research about ship building technology in 1067 A.D were explained in this historical novel and war shipping techniques over that period. In “Kadal Pura”, we can get to know everything about Kulothungan, who destroyed the entire territory of Kalinga.

If we know a little more about this novel, this is supposed to be a prequel to “Kalingathu Bharani”, a masterpiece of Tamizh Literature.

The hero of “Kadal Pura” is “Karunaakara Pallavan” who is portrayed just as his name suggests in this novel. But if we read “Kalingathu Bharani”, where Karunaakara Pallavan destroys Kalinga under the orders of Kulothungan, he is portrayed as something just short of a merciless creature.

At this point, the author of the novel “Kadal Pura” must be given due credit, just because of his treatment of the character.

Main characters
Illayapallavan (Karunaagara Pallavan (a) King Thondaiman)
Kanchanaa Devi (fictional)
Manjalazhaki (fictional)
Anaabaya cholan (Kulothunga Chola I)
Virarajendra Chola
Ameer (fictional) – Anaabaya cholan’s Assistant

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kadal_Pura

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