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113/365 – En Iniya Iyanthira

En Iniya Enthira is a Tamil science fiction novel written by Sujatha. In the late 1980s Sujatha wrote this novel as a series in popular Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan. Following the success of En Iniya Enthira, Sujatha wrote another follow-up for this novel and named it Meendum Jeano.

Story of the En iniya Enthira revolves around a dictator who rules Indian sub continent and 3 rebels who were organising a coup against him including a girl named “Nila” and a robot dog named “Jeeno”.



The plot opens in the year 2021.India is ruled by a dictator Jeeva. In his rule, population is kept under control, old people are allowed to live only up to particular age and are killed when they cross the limit, everywhere and anywhere lies Robots, people are identified only with their social security numbers and all the details are fed and controlled by Master Computer at Capital City.

On a New Year eve, Nila, a homemaker lady is very delighted for having Government permission letter to have a boy baby from Population Control Board. She intimates the news to her husband Sibi. While Government, allots a home space of Nila’s residence for a man Ravi and his pet Jeano. Jeano is a Robotic pet which could speak.

As per government rule, home space should not be alloted for more than three people. So Nila’s husband leaves to verify about Ravi’s allotment but not returns back to home. Nila, to find him, uses his social security number but wonders to get an answer that there is no existence of such a person. She tries to find him but in vain.

What happened to Sibi? What is the role of Ravi in Sibi’s disappearance? How Nila finds her husband and a shocking truth about Jeeva and his dictatorship with the help of Jeano?

The rest of story moves with the answers to these questions.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/En_Iniya_Iyanthira

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