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146/365 – Mayans

The earliest Mayans were probably nomadic hunters and gatherers

By 250 a.d. they had settled into communities

The people traded food, pottery and jewelry

The Mayans people were small the men were about five feet tall and women were around four feet tall

The Mayans used things from the forest to make rope and baskets

The main foods were beans, corn and squash

Mayans huts were made out of logs mud and palm leaves

The Mayans kept dogs as pets raised turkeys for food

The Mayans used a number system based on 20 they were the first to use zero

The Mayans believed in human sacrifice

The Mayans tried to be kind to every one

Around 800 AD, the Mayans abandoned there cites no one knows why this happened

Today many Mayans live in villages in central America

in 1992 Rigoberto menchu tum received the noble peace prize for bringing the Mayan people and the Guatemala government together

Source: http://www.brightkidsathome.com/travel/mayaweb/facts.htm

For More Information: http://listverse.com/2009/09/21/top-10-fascinating-facts-about-the-mayans/

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