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152/365 – Venus

Venus is known as Earths’ twin sister because of its similar size and proximity to each other.

Its atmosphere is made up mostly of carbon dioxide.

Venus rotates so slowly that it orbits the sun faster than it can make one whole rotation on its axis. In other words, Venus has a longer day than year.

It takes 243 days for Venus to make a rotation.

And it takes 224 days for Venus to orbit around the sun.

Venus is the most widely explored planet aside from our own Earth. Numerous space probes have been sent to Venus to gather data and some have landed on the surface.

It is believed that Venus used to have bodies of water similar to Earth, but dried up over a period of 300 million years when the sun began admitting more solar energy after the sun’s infancy stage.

The clouds of Venus is filled with sulfuric acid.

Venus has mountains that are higher than Earth. Maat Mons is more than 5 miles high.

Venus is the brightest planet viewed from Earth.

The planet rotates from East to West. The only other planet that does this is Uranus.

Source: http://www.planetfacts.net/Venus-Facts.html


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