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210/365 – Rice

Rice is an excellent source of energy, especially energy-giving carbohydrates, which are used in the body for brain performance, physical activity, bodily functions and everyday growth and repair.

After carbohydrate, protein is the second most abundant constituent of rice. When compared to that of other grains, rice protein is considered one of the highest quality proteins.

Rice is low in fat and cholesterol free.

Rice contains negligible amounts of sodium, with less than 5mg sodium per 100g serve. It is therefore a super food for those who need to watch their salt intake.

Both white and brown varieties of rice contain essential vitamins and minerals, including B-group vitamins (e.g. thiamin, niacin) zinc and phosphorus. Brown rice contains more nutrients and fibre than white rice since it retains the bran and germ, where many of the vitamins and minerals are found.

The bran layer of brown rice provides valuable dietary fibre. One cup (160g) of cooked brown rice contains around 2.4g of dietary fibre, which equates to 8% of an average man’s daily fibre needs and 9.6% of an average woman’s daily fibre needs.

Rice is gluten free and the most non-allergenic of all grains.

To retain nutrients, do not rinse rice under water before or after cooking.

Brown rice contains natural oils in the bran, so it has a shorter shelf life than white rice.  It’s best to refrigerate or freeze brown rice to extend its shelf life.

Source: http://www.sunrice.com.au/?nodeId=421

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