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250/365 – Parantaka Chola I

Reign: 907 – 950

Title: Parakesari

Capital: Thanjavur

Queen: Kōkilānadigal, Villavan Mahadeviyar and others

Children: Uttamasili, Viramadevi and Anupama.

Predecessor: Aditya Chola

Successor: Gandaraditya

Father: Aditya Chola

Born: Unknown

Died: 955

Parantaka Chola I (முதலாம் பராந்தக சோழன்) (907–955) ruled the Chola kingdom in southern India for forty-eight years. The best part of his reign was marked by increasing success and prosperity.

The Invasion of the Pandya Kingdom  

Parantaka continuing the expansion started by his father, invaded the Pandya kingdom in 910. He captured the Pandyan capital Madurai and assumed the title Madurain-konda (Capturer of Madurai).

The Pandyan ruler Maravarman Rajasinha II sought the help of Kassapa V, the king of Sri Lanka, who sent an army to his aid. Parantaka defeated the combined army at the battle of Vellore.

The Pandya king fled into exile in Sri Lanka and Parantaka completed his conquest of the entire Pandya country.   Parantaka spent many years in the newly conquered country reducing it to subjugation, and when he felt he had at last achieved his aim, he wanted to celebrate his victory by a coronation in Madurai in which he was to invest himself with the insignia of Pandyan monarchy.

However he was foiled in this attempt by the Pandyan king carried them away and left in the safe custody of the Lankan king. Towards the end of his reign, Parantaka tried to capture them by invading Lanka.

Mahavamsa records that the Lankan king Udaya IV took the Pandya crown and the jewels and hid himself in the Rohana hills. Parantaka’s armies had to return empty handed.

After his exploits in the Pandya country and in Lanka, Parantaka I took the title of Maduraiyum Elamum Konda Parakesarivarman – Parakesarivarman who conquered Madurai and Sri Lanka.

Other Wars of Parantaka  

The intervals between Parantaka’s Pandyan campaigns were occupied by a number of minor wars. He defeated the Banas (c. 910) who ruled over the area in the north of Kanchipuram.

Parantaka made his ally the Ganga king Prithvipati II the overlord of the conquered Bana country. Soon after this battle, Parantaka had to wage battles against some of his smaller neighbours such as Vaidumbas and Sitpuli kings in the region of Andhra Pradesh.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parantaka_I

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