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334/365 – Ferrari

Industry: Automotive

Founded: 1947 (historical 1929)

Founder(s): Enzo Ferrari

Headquarters: Maranello, Italy

Key people: Luca di Montezemolo Chairman, Piero Ferrari Vice Chairman and Amedeo Felisa CEO

Products: Sports cars

Production output: 7,044 units (2011)

Revenue: € 2.2 billion (2011)

Owner(s): Fiat S.p.A. 90%

Employees: 2,695 (2011)

Website: Ferrari.com

The world’s fastest Ferrari, the F60, was debuted in April 2002.

Maserati which was once Ferrari’s bitterest rival, now is run on a Ferrari engine for Fiat.

The most popular Ferraris have always been the two-seated Gran Turismos.

The Ferrari Owner’s club has 18 chapters around the world.

The black prancing horse in the famous Ferrari logo was originally the symbol of Count Francesco Baracca, a flying ace in the Italian air force.

Ferrari of Italy is the oldest and most successful team left in the Formula One championship.

The cheapest component in a Ferrari car is a 3 c washer.

The most expensive Ferrari ever sold was 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa.

The Ferrari has been featured in many films and television shows.

Ferrari won 25 championship titles in a 500 F2.

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